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Ben's Fika Question 06-09-16

Can you tell who is in the trailer for Syfy's Face Off?

Check out the teaser and corresponding gif as well.

Michael's Fika Statement 3-25-16

Subha's Fika Question 2-12-16

There are 10 boxes, each of which contain a large number of identical particles whose weights are in the exponent of 10 (eg : One box has particles of weight 1 gm, another box has particles of weight 10 gm, another has particles of weight 100 gm etc.). What is the minimum number of weighing operations required to assign the weights of the particles in the 10 boxes? [For a weighing operation, you are allowed to take any number of balls from any number of boxes and make a measurement using a weighing scale of infinite precision.]

Yueshen's Fika Question 2-12-16

Consider that 100 passengers get into a plane one by one. The first one is drunk and takes a random seat. All other passengers take their assigned seat if they find it empty, and take a random seat otherwise. What is the probability that the last passenger finds his seat empty?